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Terms and Conditions

Purchase or use of the “Business Plan Toolkit” or other resources available on the www.Business-Plan-Examples.com website does not in any way obligate the owners of www.Business-Plan-Examples.com or the parent company PbC Publishing Company.

The resources on this site are available on an “as is” basis and no representation of potential or actual success based on the use of these products or of the information on the site is made or implied. By using the resources on this site, both purchased and free, you agree to hold harmeless www.Business-Plan-Examples.com and PbC Publishing Company from any negative outcomes as a result of how this information is used by you.

You may not copy, redistribute, or resell any content or resources from this site unless specifically stated.

This site provides information and resources that are intended to help small businesses. Any other use of these resources is a violation of the terms of use.

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