Grab Top Search Engine Rankings Using Google Authorship for Business

Trying to get your business found online can feel a lot like buying a lottery ticket week after week just praying to get lucky with the search engines,

but now the odds are stacked in your favor and it is surprising how many businesses still aren’t taking advantage.
What I am talking about is Google authorship for business (maybe you have seen the little thumbnail image of an article author next to a search result) and here is why you need to grab a Google+ account as soon as you finish reading this post….

Google wants to know that REAL people are behind the content that appears on its search results and linking your business site to your Google+ account is like walking up behind big brother Google and giving him a wet willie! It literally forces Google to pay attention to you, your content and your business.

Let me prove it… Here is a screenshot of the Google results for my main keyword in the business plan niche. This was shortly after I posted a link from my website page to my Google+ profile. I didn’t even have to wait days or weeks for this to hit the Google search results – it happened within MINUTES!

Now this search result was personalized for me which is why the little social icon is next to my search position. Meaning my little G+ post didn’t show up for the rest of the world, but Google does show personalized search results to people within my social network making it even more important as a social sharing and networking platform.

The real power of this strategy though is that Google almost immediately indexed a post of mine that contained a direct link back to my website. It is clear that Google is prepared to reward the content that is verifiable with the authors in the network.

This isn’t a loophole or some kind of trick to fool the search engines into indexing your content…this is what Google has established as an avenue for how it will find quality search results in the future. Google wants to know that the content it ranks highly on its search engine was created by real people who are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter being shared.

By linking your authored content and or business website to your Google+ account you are verifying to Google that you are a real person. Not just that, you can invite Google to take a look at what you discuss on social media, who follows you and who you follow on Twitter, how many friends you have on Facebook, what you discuss and who you interact with all become data points for Google to establish your relevancy to the content you produce. This gives you credibility you can’t buy.

You may not be active on social media either personally or professionally, but if you have a business and you don’t set up a profile on the Google+ platform you are CRAZY! Any serious businessperson with a website cannot ignore the powerful impact social sharing has on search engine rankings. It is officially time to get on board.

The best article I have read on how to set your website up with Google Authorship is below. This is a step by step guide to make it simple for anyone to start benefiting from the new Google search results.

The Definitive Guide to Google Authorship Markup

In another article I will tell you how to make the most of your Google+ profile so that you will be seen as an expert in your field and your posts and articles will maximize the attention and rankings from Google. In the meantime connect with me on Google+ – I would love to hear from you!

If you have questions or feedback please leave them in the comments section and I will be happy to respond. Have a happy business!


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