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Now is the perfect time to evaluate your success or opportunities from the past year and make necessary changes to start the new year off right.  Modifying your existing business plan or putting together your business plan for the first time can help you focus your efforts and plan for success in the new year.

Using example business plans to take the hassle out of creating a business plan from scratch can be beneficial strategy for anyone that is creating a plan for the first time.

Don’t get hung up on the process as much as the results – there is no need to reinvent the wheel when professional business plan templates are available.

Some of the benefits to having an up-to-date business plan include:

Find Profit Niches – track your progress by setting a financial baseline and plan your expenditures.  By planning and evaluating your profit / loss you can see where you need to focus more effort or resources on profitable areas.

Get Funding – if you need funding for an expansion or a new product line a business plan with profit forecasts may help you land the capital you need.

Set Your Business Apart – successful businesses constantly evaluate the company goals and mission / vision statements in order to meet the needs of customers in an ever changing marketplace….don’t get stale!

Writing a business plan doesn’t have to be hard.  Find some example business plans to get started and replace the info with your company specific data.  You will be surprised how fast your business plan can come together by taking one section at a time and filling in your details.

Grab my actual business plan at the link below and use it to create your own customized plan without all the hassle!

Business-Plan Toolkit

Don’t let the unknown keep you from putting together your business plan.  Start planning for success today!

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Craig Frazier

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Craig is a small business marketer, author and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in business management and marketing.


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