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The Business Plan Examples website is a collection of business plan resources, tools and guides for creating your own quality small business plan.  When I began writing my first business plan I had no idea where to start.  I knew what I wanted to say but I had no clue what kind of format I should use or how to set it up.

As you begin to put pen to paper on a business plan it always helps to have an example to look at or in some cases even copy.  Yes, I am giving you permission to actually copy my work and use it how you see fit.  My actual business plan source files including the pro-forma spreadsheet and my break-even graph are available here:  Business Plan.

I plan to post topics on a good business plan layout as well as the top 5 pieces of info every business plan should contain.  If you have any related topics you would like to discuss please let me know and I will pull some business plan resources and additional info together for you.  Happy Business Planning!

Adam Hoeksema

Craig Frazier

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Craig is a small business marketer, author and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in business management and marketing.


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